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Search Engine Optimization

Everyone has a website nowadays but it gets competitive to reach the top. Got specific questions or need an objective review of an SEO agency proposal?



Making Banners Relevant Again

New(ish) technolgies have enabled a renaissance of the banner called (personalized) retargeting. Confused by all the jargon? Need an independant opinion on offers?


internet marketing

Buy the Traffic You Need

Paying for ads online can be complicated. Get an objective opinion on what would work best for your business and goals!


Eclipse Software

by Genuitec

Inquire about the Genuitec solutions available for the Eclipse developer.


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Whether you are a business owner, Eclipse user or an online marketing professional, a second unbiased opinion from someone with 6+ years of experience living and breathing these industries, can go a long way to helping you make the right decision, or get that extra confirmation you were seeking. In this rapidly changing industry, it can get hard to keep up with technology. I'm here to help.

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